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templar mummy knight??? i don’t know, i just string random words together and hope it works out

dryad witch and cyclops mummy

my belated witchsona!! basically i just wanted to draw myself as a dark souls boss

gallifreybebe asked: not sure if anyone has previously asked you, but would it be ok if someone wanted to make a costume of one of your wights/other original art? I adore your work!

thank you friend, tbh i would be honoured and delighted!! you are all welcome to dress up as wights and such if you wish. but send me pictures!

plants, doing plant stuff.

crystal maiden, or at least her sinister doppelganger. you only live ICE

keep your fires bright

happy new year everyone!

we’d up and fly, if we’d had wings for flying

thanks for all the follows and such lately! you are all the best!

Anonymous asked: If I may ask, what are Whights? Are they predominately female (guessing from most of your drawings)?

this has been sitting in my ask box for at least 4 months and every time i see it i feel terrible. i’m sorry, anon. i’m here finally to inform you that wights are simply dead people and they’re not predominately female, i just like drawing all the sexy ladies

be bold, be bold, but not too bold

happy halloween folks!

Anonymous asked: what's that texture brush you use? Your art is so gorgeous by the way, very fluent and.. ah it's hard to describe it uvu

thank you, friend! i am v. chuffed to be the recipient of so many lovely anons. for everything recent i use the default photoshop hard round brush. if you are talking about later things, bugger me if i can remember what that was. this one, maybe??

dead girl fashion

Anonymous asked: may i ask what programs you use for your artwork? :)) [which is amazing by the way it's so fabulous and it's just skajdhkashdkjaskd ugh wonderfuL so gross and beautiful]

you are too kind, my friend!! i just use regular old photoshop, with the standard hard round brush. if you can learn to use that bastard thing you’ll be able to draw anything

the hermit and the heirophant!


After a lot of work and reviewing I finally narrowed the list down to 35 chosen artists for the Sacrilege art book (which by no means was easy). I tried to approach this like an art director would and picked unique, consistant styles that would lend well to the topic. I will make a small post after the list of reasons why I might have not included some submissions, though please remember I picked 35 out of well over 300, so I do not have the time to personally explain why any given person did or didn’t get in.

So without anything more here is the list (you’ll get an email tonight or tomorrow) please let me know if the name I have posted is incorrect (I tried to post everyone’s tumblr so everyone can see everyone else and follow, but in the future I’ll use everyone’s preferred site):

1. Samantha Mash

2. Ona Pitschka

3. Susan Bin

4. Mariel Hester

5. Gina Pierik Hendry

6. Skoptsy

7. Kayla Mayer

8. Sheryn Ng

9. Adea Dounley

10. Alex Joyce

11. Stephan A. McGowan

12. Morgaine Faye

13. Olivia Chin Mueller

14. Cassie Wolfe

15. Siobhan Keenan

16. Ashely Mckenzie

17. Savannah Horrocks

18. Casey

19. Reimena Ashel Yee

20. Lucifer Effect

21. Natalie Hall

22. Felicia Choo

23. Hunter Bonyun

24. Dahlia P.

25. Alexis Lim

26. Alexis Cooke

27. Hannah McLain-Jespersen

28. Emily Rabbit

29. Renne Britton

30. Hilary Blair

31. Caroline O’Grady

32. Jason Edward Davis

33. Lochi

34. Kelly Bastow

35. Shaleigh Westphall

So now is the part where I say if you did not get in don’t worry. If after the kickstarter begins and we get extra funding I’ll hold another round of submissions to include more artists. Reasons I didn’t include some art mostly revolved around lack of consistency in style, submitting too much fan art (makes it hard to see how original art would look), submitted too much subject matter that didn’t involve human/human anatomy (book is a bit human centric so it is hard to imagine how something would look if you don’t have a few pieces like that), photo/photo manipulation submissions, incorrect submissions that didn’t follow rules, and being generally rude. 

Anyways, updates won’t happen for this on here for a while, but you can follow it at #sacriliegeartbook. All included artists will be emailed later (maybe tomorrow I’m pretty tired) about information regarding this whole process and due dates, etc. Thanks everyone, it was great seeing so much art in my inbox everyday!

i’m so happy to be a part of this alongside such fantastic artists! it’s gonna be CRAZY GOOD, just wait.

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