I draw things and play computer games


sprite by polks!

Anonymous asked: will you continue your tarot art and will there be different color?

hello there, my excellent anon! i would like to finish the major arcana some day at least, though i cannot guarantee it will happen soon OR include more interesting colours. it will, probably. there is always hope!


templar mummy knight??? i don’t know, i just string random words together and hope it works out


dryad witch and cyclops mummy


my belated witchsona!! basically i just wanted to draw myself as a dark souls boss

plants, doing plant stuff.

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crystal maiden, or at least her sinister doppelganger. you only live ICE

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keep your fires bright

happy new year everyone!

we’d up and fly, if we’d had wings for flying

thanks for all the follows and such lately! you are all the best!

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be bold, be bold, but not too bold

happy halloween folks!

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dead girl fashion

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the hermit and the heirophant!

the magician and the high priestess! scythe blog 2k13

the devil! everything is better with scythes

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it’s temperance! this shit will be the death of me.

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